Friday, December 17, 2010

More of Porter

Porter's first bath. Thank heaven my dear friend Andi was working and was able to come give him his bath.

We have a family tradition that of making a bear for each of the kids when they are born. Lily and Sam got to pick out Porter's.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Porter Weston Mecham

Our sweet Porter has finally made his grand entrance into the world. For months we have been battling preterm labor, trying to keep him cooking as long as possible. Once we hit 36 weeks we were given the green light to deliver if I went into labor again. But for those that know us, you know that we never do anything the easy way. I went into labor when I was working a shift up at LDS hospital. Labor and Delivery put me on the monitors and saw that he was having some deep variables (deep but short dips in heart rate) with contractions. They recommended that I get checked at IMC as soon as possible. When I arrived I had a crazy bad contraction that would not stop. We put him on the monitor and his heart rate was in the 60’s. After about 14 minutes of complete panic and chaos we were able to get his heart rate above 100. We were later sent home and told to come back Monday for a Non stress test. The test didn’t go as well as we had hoped, he was not having excels in his heart rate without being “buzzed” by the acoustic stimulator. The decision was made to deliver him and I was sent to labor and delivery to be induced.

At this point Keith gets to the hospital, but oh my, what he showed up wearing. Because it was Monday all of the Air Force has to wear their blues instead of the usual ABU’s. Now this would have been just fine, I quite like seeing Keith in his uniform, but he was on his way to PT (physical training) and had already changed into his dirty sweats. The funny part is that he forgot to take his tennis shoes and was still wearing his shinny dress shoes for his blues. He was quite the sight. Thank heavens for Dallin who came to the hospital with a change of clothes for Keith.

After they came and broke my water everything went quite smooth and fast. After only 5 hours of labor and pushing for 2 contractions our sweet sweet little joined our lives. He weighed 6 lb 1oz 20.5 in long APGARS 8, 9. They think he was more 36 weeks then 37 weeks, but he did great . No need for O2 or anything. He is amazing.
I love that I was able to deliver where I work. I love everyone I work with and can’t imagine better people to entrust the care of my sweet little baby boy. They all did a amazing job and I will be forever grateful to them.
Now that we are home I feel so grateful for everything in my life. I have such an amazing kids and an even more amazing husband. What a wonderful world.

Monday, November 8, 2010

33 Weeks down and hopefully only four or five more to go!! I know the picture is a little huge and disturbing. I am ubber short and so when I am prego I have nowhere but out to go. Even my OB made a comment at my last visit, “wow, you really do just hang right on out the front don’t you.” You would think that a man that works all day every day with hormonal pregnant women would know what not to say. That just him and I still think he is great. They have changed my meds and gave me some new ones so hopefully the preterm labor will soon be coming to the end and life off the couch can begin again. I have been so desperate to entertain the kids while I lay useless on the couch; I let them color my legs with magic markers. I now look like I have tattoos all over my legs, much to the amusement of the labor and delivery nurse I had yesterday. Hopefully we are in for smooth sailing from now until Porter makes his grand enterance.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Holiday Ever

It is not a secret that I LOVE Halloween, it is by far the best holiday ever. This year Lily wanted to be a mermaid. I will NEVER sew a mermaid costume again as long as I live! But It turned out ok and Lily loved it.

Poor Sam, after all the time I spent on Lily’s costume I didn’t have the energy to do more and just bought Sam’s at the store. Thankfully he is easy to please and was thrilled to be Spiderman. His costume originally had a mask. For the last month he has run around the house in it like a Mexican wrestler, so when Halloween came it was nowhere to be found. It worked out for the best to just paint his face, I don’t think that he would have kept it on anyway.

We carved pumpkins this year. Keith’s brother Dallin came over and helped. He carved the princess and the frog pumpkin for Lily and a were wolf one. Keith carved the ghost for Sam and the Skull and cross bones. I carved the Jack skelington. It was so much fun! And the kids loved it. Totally going to become a new family tradition.

The Good Halloween Witch.

We started a tradition a few years ago when Lily became old enough to make the connection between trick or treating and gorging herself on candy until she is vomiting on my bedroom floor. After the kids come home from a very productive night of candy gathering they are allowed a few pieces of candy and the rest gets set out for the Good Halloween Witch. She comes during the night and exchanges their candy for a present. And Daddy wakes up with a sugar hang over the next morning. If anyone divulges this secret to my kids I will hunt you down and make you cry! And before you think that I am cruel, I do keep the majority of the candy tucked away for the kids to have later. This year I was kind of lame and didn’t get real toys for them. I ordered some Halloween books that I then forgot about and found Halloween morning and the PJ’s were in the Christmas stash. But the kids loved it. Thank Heavens they are still young enough to be easily entertained.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mecham update

It has been a busy couple of weeks here in the Mecham house. Last week someone broke into the house. ( while the kids were napping and I was in the shower). Luckily they only came in and took my new cute little pink laptop and some jewelry and left before any of us realized what was going on. Then the vacuum caught on fire. Yes, they catch on fire if you suck up too much baby powder that your two year old decorates his room with. Things got better from for the rest of the week. Keith came home yesterday and is not set to deploy again until next year. Finally the big news, we had our ultrasound today. We are having a very active and healthy baby boy!!! According to dates I am due December 25th, but by size I am due December 31st. so we are just trying to hit all the holidays in December. When you get stressed out just take a breath and realize that everything works out in the end if you just breath threw it. Life is good.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From the mouths of babes

Today I noticed that Lily was calling Sam “Alice”. When I asked her why she was calling her brother by a girl name she answered. “Because maybe if he was a girl and didn’t have that odd extra finger down there, he wouldn’t be so mean to me.” How can you argue with that?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It is finally official, I am an RN!!! I took my nursing boards on Sunday, ( yes I know it is odd they held NCLEX on Sunday) I spent the next two days crying knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I failed it miserably. Then Monday night, just before midnight my buddy Danielle from nursing school called me and told me that my nursing license posted on DOPL. (The department of professional licensing.) which means I PASSED. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. I am so happy. I just wish Keith were home to celebrate with me. I will stay working in women services float pool on the maternity and labor and delivery units for IHC. It all still feels like a dream.